KolibriOS arranca en 2 segundos*

KolibriOS es un sistema operativo de fuente abierta con un núcleo monolítico preferente,controladores de vídeo (arquitectura 32-bit x86),desarrollado y mantenido por el Equipo del Proyecto KolibriOS. KolibriOS es un tenedor de MenuetOS, escrito íntegramente en FASM (lenguaje ensamblador).

Algunas caracteristicas (Eng)

  • The complete ISO is 4.4 MB in size (when zipped it’s 2.8 MB, so you can basically send it around as email attachment, if you really want to).
  • It’s completely written in assembler.
  • It has a nicely working graphical user interface (screenshots here).
  • You can install it in VirtualBox (other VM solutions may work as well, but VirtualBox is the one I tried).
  • It boots from boot-loader into the GUI in around two (2!) seconds! And that’s on the VM.
  • It feels fast and zippy, even in the VM environment.
  • It comes with a bunch of games, a web server, ftp server, development tools, graphic demos, a drawing program, a CD player, utilities, etc. Remember, that’s all from that 4.4 MB ISO.
  • Extremely small footprint: After being fully booted with GUI and all, just 10 MBytes of memory are used, most of it probably the video buffer for the graphical desktop.

Via | Linux Today.

2 thoughts on “KolibriOS arranca en 2 segundos*

  1. ivan 10/01/2011 / 00:53

    como lo instalas en virtualbox


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