Some Firefox keyboard tricks

1. [Alt] + [1] to [9] – jump to tab numbers 1 to 8 or last tab (9)

2. [Ctrl] + [Tab] or [Ctrl] + [SHIFT] + [Tab] – move up/right or down/left in tabs

3. [/] or [‘] – Find As You Type Text or Link

4. [Ctrl] + mouse wheel – change font size (zoom)

5. [Ctrl] + [F4] – close tab

6. [F7] – caret browsing

Caret browsing allows you to select and copy text from web pages using the keyboard.

Thanks to: makeuseof

Which ones are your favorites that didn’t make it to the list above?


4 thoughts on “Some Firefox keyboard tricks

  1. vududevil 29/11/2009 / 06:03


    Yo uso para cerrar tabs [Ctrl] + [w] ya que [Ctrl] + [F4] se me hace que estan las teclas muy separadas hehe

    Y un dato, para cambiar entre las tabs yo uso [Alt] + [1] a [9] ya que con [Ctrl] no funciona



    • Nico 29/11/2009 / 06:26

      (Solved) [Ctrl] + [#] to jump between tabs.

      Thanks vududevil!. Slds.


  2. diego 06/12/2009 / 02:00

    control shift T para abrir la pestaña que cerraste


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