Bangarang | El nuevo media player para KDE

Bangarang tiene muchas características como por ejemplo [Eng] :

  • Play your media (Media files, CD and DVD).
  • Restrained interface that puts your media front-and-center.
  • Media library functions that allow you simple, effective browsing and categorization for all your media including:
    • Music
    • Audio streams
    • Audio clips
    • Movies
    • TV Shows
    • Video clips
  • Rating and play count tracking
  • Search functions
  • Saved media lists including:
    • Save media lists for any media type
    • Save media list “views” – Save any view while browsing, including search results. Views are “live” – when you add that new Muse album to your library, your saved media list view will automatically reflect it.
  • Employs core KDE4 technologies including:
    • Nepomuk – Uses and shares media data with the rest of your desktop.
    • Phonon – Whatever the phonon backend plays, Bangarang plays.

Links: The Bangarang project page at The wiki page


4 thoughts on “Bangarang | El nuevo media player para KDE

  1. Teh 06/01/2010 / 05:58

    Pues espero que sea mas sencillo que el tedioso y pesado Amarok.

    No uso KDE, pero en estas semanas me ha entrado la curiosidad por usarlo así que tengo que estar al tanto.


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