Facebook chat with Empathy in Karmic

To begin we need to download the same plugin as before, created by Eion Robb. This has now made it into the Karmic repositories, named pidgin-facebookchat.

Note: The .deb file in the Karmic repositories has now stopped working with Facebook Chat’s servers. You need to download the most recent deb file from Eion Robb’s Google Code site, the same as the Jaunty instructions. You can find it here.

Next you will have to delete the following file :


To do this you will need to be root. Thanks to bobpaul on Ubuntu Forums for this fix.

At the stage where you are adding your username and password in Empathy, it will do nothing and won’t connect the first time. So, delete the (half made) account.

Close the new account window (but not Empathy), then go back to add the account again. It should work on the second try.

Restart Empathy

All credits goes to | Phillip Tweedie

España | Va a trabajar tu puta madre hasta los 67 años!

La propuesta del gobierno español para elevar la edad de jubilación hasta los 67 años, está teniendo una repercusión impresionante en la red social, con la creación de decenas de grupos contra el “pensionazo”. El denominado “Va a trabajar tu puta madre hasta los 67 años” supera ya el cuarto de millón de adhesiones (Facebook).

Via | theinquirer.es