Google Chrome | YouTube HTML5-ifier

This extensions contains a simple content script which replaces the standard Flash-based YouTube video player with HTML5’s new video tag which natively supports video. Video played this way will be more efficient and require less CPU.

An attempt is made to automatically play the best format possible (HD if available). This version may not be able to play all YouTube videos properly. It will not have any affect on videos embedded on other sites.


3 thoughts on “Google Chrome | YouTube HTML5-ifier

  1. sAfOrAs 21/12/2009 / 08:07

    this extension converts all YouTube videos to HTML 5, that means we will not need flash!! o_0 xD


  2. person 29/04/2012 / 14:51

    re-host plz


  3. dio 22/04/2013 / 07:01

    Link doesn’t work, as the project has been discontinued at google store. But, can anyone upload the .crx file to use it? Maybe it works yet.


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